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Shouq is a titillating scent creating a magical moment. Evoking the desire to be with your lover and to  step towards forever. A touch of Shouq on your skin will unleash your soul from within. Shouq translates to desire and unbridles your inner fire. Unveil your hidden sensuality to take your intimacy to a level you never been…

The spicy Geranium and a mix of Rose with Lily of the Valley make a magnificent appeal, which nobody can resist! The confluence of Cypriol and Amber result in warm and rich aristocracy. The plush and subtle seduction of Sandalwood, Vetiver, Oud and Musk involve deeper in the senses. You fantasize as if you are in an exotic Island where you breathe love!

  • Top Notes : Bulgarian Rose - Egyptian Geranium - Lily of the valley
  • Heart Notes : Nagarmotha - Gurjum - Cedar Atlas
  • Base Notes : Indian Sandalwood - Haitian Vetiver - Oud - Musk