Interview with Ali Alzaabi: CEO & Founder of Jazeel Perfume House

Jazeel Perfumes is a house of luxury fragrances founded in 2018 by perfumer Ali Alzaabi. His deep emotional connection with perfumes from early in life, made him want to fulfill the need for exclusive and genuine Oriental perfumes that would appeal to both men and women alike.

by Katerina Leroy

How did you become a perfumer and when you have started your own brand – Jazeel Perfume House?

Since I was young, I have been passionate about fragrances and oud and often wondered how these exotic scents are made. To get the exact formula, I wanted to understand how different ingredients are chosen and mixed together. Furthermore, how are the oils extracted from the notes? Whenever I sprayed a perfume, I found myself wondering about all of this. My dad’s excellent collection of fragrances solidified my interest , which boasted a beautiful range of vintage agar-wood and oud oils. Some of his rare oils were over 50 years old!

How would you define the style of your perfumes?

My style of perfumes is very different from what you find in the market. I pride myself on my uniqueness, and every fragrance I have is designed to be the epitome of luxury. Each fragrance differs with a different style and scent, yet every single one of them is a masterpiece.

Describe a day in the life of a master perfumer when working on a project like Jazeel perfumes? What is your schedule like? How do you find your ingredients?

As a perfumer, it is not easy to find the right notes to make the formula into a scent that exudes luxury. I receive hundreds of sample ingredients from worldwide from numerous suppliers. I often travel to check the source of particular notes to ensure they are only the best quality. For example, the oud that I have used in Ghala, I travelled to Nagaland, India, to personally check the authenticity and test it. I ensure to check every single ingredient and note myself as I pride myself on providing the purest quality of perfumes to all my customers.

Do you have any favorites among your fragrance collection?

I have a favourite perfume for every different season. For example, I love wearing wid in summer, especially in the months of July and August. On the other hand, when it comes to cold nights and winter, Ghala is my favourite. However, I don’t have one particular preference across seasons.

All creative projects have their challenges. What was your biggest challenge working on your collection?

The biggest challenge I faced was to source the purest quality of these rare notes. Thousands of different companies and farms supply oils and raw materials, but I had to pick my way through them as I only deal in the finest. The challenge is to find the highest quality and the finest of these notes, considering how they fit into your creation. Many times, we have to recreate the formula repeatedly, often recreating it over a hundred times to ensure the exact formula is as brilliant as we aim.

I travel to numerous countries to source the best notes. I also attend specific processes such as extracting the Indian rose’s absolute oil or getting the Turkish rose oil from the flower. People can’t fathom how intricate and complex the process of getting the filtered oil from the rose is. There are various stages, including boiling and filtering. After the entire process, the batch goes to quality control and if not found perfect, the whole batch is destroyed.

Jazeel has a unique bottle design ideas, what was your inspiration?

The idea behind Jazeel’s unique bottle stems from my most emotional memories. These bottles represent my childhood, and whenever I hold one, I am transported back to my happiest memories. I spent my childhood living in a tiny town in the northeast of UAE, and the sea was 3 minutes away from my house. I spent most of my days relaxing on the beach, and it has most of my happiest memories. As I later moved to another city, I was inspired from my childhood to create the unique Jazeel bottle.

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