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Amsterdam Intense

Amsterdam Intense

An aromatic blend of cannabis, verdant green notes, and captivating florals

Spray: 100 ml

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A Bold Journey into Daring Intrigue

In the world of perfumery, Amsterdam Intense stands as a testament to daring innovation. Crafted by the visionary Shadi Samra, this fragrance embarks on an emotive journey, redefining the boundaries of scent.

The unconventional meets the sensual, creating a captivating narrative reserved for the daring among us. A symphony of notes, from cannabis and hash to mint, grapefruit, and saffron, dance in harmonious rebellion. Each whiff envelops you in a hypnotic spell, evoking deep intoxication and distinct allure, inspired by the enigmatic world of cannabis and hash.

A sensuous embrace of Cannabis Where Passion and Mystery Intertwine

Amsterdam Intense invites you to step into a realm where sensuality meets the unexpected. Inspired by the enigmatic world of cannabis and hash, it takes you on a hypnotic voyage. It weaves a narrative of deep intoxication and unique fascination, a fragrant story of daring elegance.

This unconventional composition unfolds like a chapter, where sandalwood, guaiac wood, Bulgarian Rose, incense, white florals, and hibernal dance together in a relentless embrace. The fragrance embodies the spirit of intrigue, culminating in hypnotic chords of vetiver, patchouli, Cambodian oud, amber, and woody nuances.

Amsterdam Intense is an olfactory adventure that transcends boundaries. It urges you to immerse yourself in its mesmerizing depths, where every note is a part of a passionate tale, a journey of unconventional passion and insatiable curiosity

The perfumer's words

In the heart of California's verdant cannabis fields, I found the muse for Amsterdam Intense. As a perfumer, my soul thrives on the thrill of the unexplored, the allure of nature's untamed spirit. This creation is more than a fragrance; it's a bold journey, a leap into the unknown. The Californian cannabis, with its rich, earthy tones, whispered to me of a world where daring meets elegance, where the conventional boundaries of scent are joyously broken.

Each note in Amsterdam Intense is a testament to this daring curiosity. The cannabis essence, interlaced with exotic woods and the tender caress of Bulgarian rose, is an invitation to explore the deeper, more enigmatic facets of our desires. It's a celebration of the audacious spirit that dares to defy, to embrace the uncharted.

I crafted this fragrance for those who seek more than a scent – for those who yearn for a passionate adventure, a sensorial escapade that stirs the soul and awakens the heart. Amsterdam Intense is my ode to the restless, the dreamers, the fearless hearts who find beauty in the depths of the unknown.

Top Notes: Cannabis, Hash, Mint, Grapefruit, Saffron, Fruity Notes

Heart Notes: Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood, Bulgarian Rose, Incense, White Florals, Hibernal

Base Notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Cambodian Oud, Amber, Woody Notes