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An Enchanting Cascade of Fruity Bliss, Sweet Florals, and a Seductive Musky Whisper

Spray: 100 ml

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A Timeless Embrace of Fresh Romance

Wid by Chris Carbonell encapsulates the exhilarating rush of new love's firsts—the electric glance, the tentative touch, the soft-spoken promises of what's to come. Crafted to evoke the sweet vitality of burgeoning romance, Wid is the scent of love's dawn, ripe with possibility and blooming with the fresh, fruity notes of passion's awakening.

The Romantic Melody of Wid's Scented Symphony

From the initial burst of zesty Orange to the sweet, invigorating Melon, Wid's top notes set a vibrant stage for romance. These scents blend seamlessly into a heart of exotic Mango and tender Jasmine, crowned with the subtle elegance of Magnolia Rose, creating a bouquet that's as enchanting as a lover's embrace.

Drawing upon the revered traditions of vintage perfumery, Wid grounds its fleeting passions with the warm, comforting notes of Cedarwood, the rich, embracing aura of Amber, and the deep, sensual pulse of Musk. Together, they form a foundation that's calming and soothing, a steady heartbeat beneath the thrill of new romance.

Wid is not just a perfume—it's a journey through the senses to a serene and nostalgic place where love is always blooming, and every moment is a cherished memory in the making. This classic scent, both timely and timeless, ensures that the essence of your passion will linger on, as vibrant and fresh as the day it began.

The perfumer's words

Melon, with its elusive charm, has always been a note close to my heart, yet one I seldom mastered in my perfumes—it demands a flawless blend, a perfect moment in time. In Wid, that moment has come to life. I found its perfect companions in the sun-kissed zest of tropical Orange, the lush sweetness of Mango, the delicate allure of Magnolia Rose, and the warm embrace of Musk. Together, they sing a song of first glances and lasting memories. Wid is a testament to the art of balance, a dance of notes that invites you to fall in love, over and over again

Top Notes: Orange, Melon

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Mango, Magnolia Rose

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Amber, Musk"